For ages, we’ve been meaning to launch a super mix of all sorts of weddings we filmed so far in DSLR, and we still have heaps to go, but – we’re going to slowly change them around as time goes on so that you do not become bored looking at the same video clip.

So, here is the first set of DSLR clips, all starting from our 1st wedding day and so on.

You will see clips we have filmed in Darwin, Fiji, Hawaii, Australia, Canberra and several other places you may notice.  In time, you will see Hamilton Island, Bali, Perth, Adelaide and we’ll try and fit a few Wollongong clips in.

If you’ve been thinking of having your wedding captured with this sort of colour, clarity, and the way we do things, I implore you, don’t make any decisions without coming in and having a chat with me and my team to show you how Capture You Videography can help you.

We are being smashed with bookings for a reason.  People like us, we’re fun to be around, we love what we do and we do it well.

About the author

Shane Hintz and the team at Capture You Videography can help you celebrate one of the most important days of your lives. We are professional and have years of experience in capturing weddings from as far as Darwin to Canberra and in all kinds of weather. Talk to us to discuss how to capture your treasured memories.

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